God’s Masterpiece

Remember when you were younger and you would draw or finger paint. It brought you joy and you were so proud. Showing your teacher or parents what you had made. Most of it unrecognizable, but perfect nonetheless. Then as we got a little bit older we were taught not to draw outside of the lines or it would look ugly. Finger painting was for the young it wasn’t a true demonstration of an artist who could paint with a brush.

Life All Grown-up

Then pretty soon we stopped drawing, coloring and painting. We found that if we didn’t conform to what we were told it wasn’t considered acceptable. We start comparing ourselves to others and judged our success based on others definitions.

Isn’t it true in life? We are judged by how we present ourselves but not for who we are. To soon we learn to not think out of the box, we learn to comply with what the world says is acceptable. We lose our creativity, our voice, our identity as we try so desperately to fit inside the box.

God’s Masterpiece

God has made you His wonderful masterpiece! He is here to give you back everything that has been taken from you. He rejoices over you, REALLY He sings songs over you!! That is how much He loves His beautiful masterpiece.

Today God is saying come to me all who are heavy burdened and I will give you rest. Aren’t you ready to rest? Aren’t you tired of trying to paint that masterpiece, that perfect life that the world expects from you.

My prayer for you today is that you would realize that God already has a plan and a purpose for you. To give you a future and a hope.  You really are God’s masterpiece, perfect in every way!!!

Written by Julie Payne


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