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What Do You Do With Your Mad?


If your reading this you may be thinking she meant to write “What do you do with your anger”. If anyone has seen, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, the movie is about the life of Mr. Fred Rogers. In the movie, one of the characters is asked what do you do with your mad.

When you feel you have lost the things closest to your heart; your character, your reputation, your job, your family, your friends, your place to live, your voice, your importance what do you do with that?

What if you grew up in a home that never showed you what to do with your anger. What if you weren’t allowed to express it, it wasn’t acceptable, or my favorite what would the neighbors think?

What I have observed is three things, you either blow up and destroy physical things on the outside, hurt directed on someone or something. Or you blow up inside and destroy things on the inside, self-hurt. Lastly, you numb yourself so that you don’t have to feel anything at all.

What happened,  how did that not seem important enough that we stopped teaching our children that? We have a generation of angry, self-hurting, self-medicating individuals that don’t know how to make the rage stop.

How do we reach them if they feel we can’t understand them? Even if we can understand them, how do we reach and teach them differently? Honestly, we have millions of people currently living with extreme anxiety, anger, and depression.

Do we tell them they need counseling or there is a pill for that? We are living at a time when we ask how is your day going but we don’t want to hear the answer. How many times have you thought, “well if they really knew”?

Yet we keep silent, feeling like no one really cares enough, has enough time to listen. Just listen,  because there is plenty of self- made counselors we deal with each day. Could that be the answer, with so many voices screaming maybe we need to just be quiet and listen!


Julianne, who goes by Julie, is a certified life and business coach, teacher, speaker, author and entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of Trinity SOS (a virtual service provider) and is a featured author in Becoming Unstoppable and She Believed (Vol. 1).

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