Finding the Perfect Coach

Looking for the perfect coach in my own opinion is like going to the store and trying to pick out that perfect pair of shoes. The kind that doesn’t hurt your feet after you’ve worn them for awhile, that you’re able to wear for a long journey, and really compliment your personality.

I do believe all of us at sometime in our lives will have the need for a coach. It could have been a football coach, tennis coach, track coach you get the picture. Obviously, you are not going to use a tennis coach if you are trying to learn to play football.

Looking through google I was able to come up with a few coaching titles. I have listed the ones I found which I am sure there are many more. Let’s begin, a life coach, a business coach, a wellness coach, a confidence coach, a personal coach, a money coach, a empowerment coach, a executive coach, a relationship coach, a leadership coach, a performance coach, a sales coach and last but not least a trauma coach.

Now keeping that in mind, how do you choose the coach who will best fit your needs? Remember how I compared it to finding that perfect pair of shoes. Below I have listed 10 attributes in a coach I hope will help you.

1.  Sees coaching as a calling.
2.  Excellent listener and communicator.
3.  Are nurturing, caring, humble and open.
4.  Continual learner.
5.  Pays attention to detail.
6.  Care and respect their clients.
7.  Has had life experience or schooling in their field.
8.  Organized, detailed and goal oriented.
9.  Compliments your personality type.
10. Is creative in developing different methods of coaching based upon the client.


Keeping these characteristics in mind, I would suggest you have a list of interview questions for the particular coach you decide on. You want to hire a coach who fits you like those favorite pairs of shoes.



Written by Julie Payne


Julianne, who goes by Julie, is a certified life and business coach, teacher, speaker, author and entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of Trinity SOS (a virtual service provider) and is a featured author in Becoming Unstoppable and She Believed (Vol. 1).

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